3 Ways to Save

Save as a USANA Preferred Customer

USANA Save Money

If you are like most people, you order USANA products often to maintain your health. Developing a consistent nutritional routine is important part of maintaining optimal health. What you may not know is USANA rewards people who order consistently with multiple discounts. Learn the 3 ways to save:
1) Preferred Pricing - Lowest price without auto order.
2) Initial Order Reward* - 10% of your initial purchase is applied as a discount towards your next two auto orders.
3) Auto Order Discount - Another 10% is applied off the preferred price when you set up a monthly order. 

You can get all these discounts at the same time. With this knowledge you will be able to purchase USANA products at a price lower than you've ever paid before.
Why pay $52.95 for the USANA Cellsentials when you can pay only $47.65? This is the power of the auto order discount.

But that is not all!

If you create an order today, you will receive an initial order reward of 10%.* This is an additional discount that will be paid out over your next two product orders. For example, if your initial purchase totals $100 then $10 will go towards your next two auto orders in addition to the 10% monthly auto order discount. This means you will be able to purchase a USANA Cellsentials for only $42.95!!

Becoming a USANA preferred customer is free, there are no minimum purchase requirements, and you can cancel at any time. It's easy and the benefits are incredible.

* The initial order reward discount does not apply to the new USANA Celavive skin care products. The initial order reward of 10% is applied as a 5% discount on the first auto order and 5% on the second auto order.